the sparkliest witch hat IN THE WORLD

$70.00 USD

truly, pictures don't do this thing justice - it SHIMMERS! it features two acrylic yarns and an acrylic/wool blend. one of the yarns has a thread of shiny silver, and then i also added a row of sparkly studs along the middle stripe. you know. for MAXIMUM SPARKLE ✨✨✨

one of the yarns used also features silver sequins with rainbow sparkles- but don't worry, it won't be itchy! as i was making it i stopped frequently to take a pair of tweezers and ensure that all of the sequins ended up on the outside of the hat.

materials: wool/acrylic blend base, sparkle studs

i make a variety of sizes for my witch hats in an effort to be as inclusive as possible! bear in mind that no matter what size the hat is, it will stretch and "break in" to fit you with repeated wear as the fibers settle.
⭐️ this particular hat is right in the middle in terms of size, and would be ideal for just about anyone who doesn't have a very large head or big hair!

my hats are made using my own altered version of the Hedge Witch Hat pattern by Morale Fiber, which is available for free here:
while i will not share my edits, i have made this pattern many times and am always happy to advise if you want to make your own - feel free to reach out to me on any of my social media pages!